Ceramic Coated Cast Iron Thermocouple Tubes

For measuring the temperature in molten aluminium up to 800 degrees Celsius.

The ceramic coating gives an additional 300% longer service life than uncoated protection tubes. These tubes are typically used in melting furnace where mechanical impact is an important issue.

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  • Standard quantity is 10 pieces with increments of 10. You can choose any diameter and size. Add-to-quote quantity is always 1. 

    Length x 43 X 23 mm

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Technical data

Ceramic Coated Cast Iron Thermocouple TubesCeramic coated or uncoated cast iron thermocouple protection tubes or custom built thermocouple assemblies for use in aluminium furnaces and baths.

Physical properties:

Density: 7.1 g/cm³

Tensile Strength: 207 Mpa

Thermal Conductivity: 40 W/(m*k) @ 500 °C

Maximum Temperature: 800 °C with  ceramic coating 1150 °C without coating

Dimensions:  43 mm (OD) X 23 mm (ID)

Threading: ¾ inch NPT is standard, other threading available upon request.

Enamel Coating: Alumina, Silica and Borax

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