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Aluminium Immersion Heater

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Aluminium Immersion Heater

Immersion heaters for molten non-ferrous heating and handling with 12 months warranty against electrical defects!

Aluminium immersion heater for non-ferrous melts is directly immersed into liquid molten aluminium up to 800 C. Made of a proprietary metal  resistance inserted into a high performance insulator conducting heat, the parts are put into a special grade Sialon sheath directly immersed into the liquid metal.



Aluminium Immersion HeaterSilicon Nitride Aluminium Immersion Heater have a precise steady temperature control which is of paramount importance to achieve a quick dynamic reheating.


Sialon Ceramics superior heating technology provide you the most efficient solution among all alternative heating technologies for molten aluminium.

Direct heating of the metal, with exactly the precise heating required, you minimize the energy losses and avoid metal damages and metal losses due to oxides, corundum, drosses etc.



Advantages of our Silicon Nitride Aluminium Immersion Heater:

  • Unique 12 months warranty against chemical attack and electrical defects such as short circuit!
  • Heating efficiency rate superior to 99%
  • Energy saving of 30 to 50% compared to traditional* heating methods/ Provided heat is  evenly distributed
  • Flow temperature accuracy of +/- 2°C (35.6°F) guaranteed
  • No overheating of metal, improved metallurgical quality
  • Max liquid aluminium bath temperature of 800 °C
  • Safety features
  • Integrated type K thermocouple
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance


Save precious productive time and avoid labour intensive  and risky cleaning operation of resistances.
Our Aluminium Immersion Heater technology is suitable for high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and low pressure die casting, and as well for degassing, filtration unit or transport ladle re-heating. As you may expect from us, we use the latest technology of Sialon immersion heaters!

Advantages of immersion heater

  • Heating efficiency rate superior to 99%
  • Energy saving of 30 to 50% compared to different heating methods/ Provides evenly distributed heat
  • Flow temperature precision of +/- 2 °C (35.6 °F) guaranteed
  • No metal overheating, improved metallurgical quality
  • Possibility to raise flow’ temperature up to 800 °C (1562 °F)
  • Enables a rapid increase of temperature
  • High level of safety during operation
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance
  • Web seminar online for group instruction!

Drawing Immersion Heater

Sialon data sheet

Material data sheet Sialon (Si3Al3O3N5)
Typical Sialon grades NVD-001 NVD-002 NVD-003 NVD-004
Bulk Density g/cm3 3.2 3.1 3.3 3.2
Water Absorption 0 0 0 0
Flexural Strength MPa 580 900 1,020 790
Vickers Hardness HV1 GPa 13.9 12.7 15.0 13.8
Fracture Toughness (SEPB) MPam1/2 4 ~ 5 6 ~ 7 7 6 ~ 7
Young’s Modulus of Elasticity GPa 290 270 300 290
Poisson’s Ratio 0.28 0.28 0.28 0.28
Coefficient of Linear Thermal (40 – 800 °C)


×10-6/℃ 3.2 3.4 3.3 3.5
Thermal Conductivity (20℃) W/(m・k) 25 23 27 54
Specific Heat J/(g・k) 0.64 0.66 0.65 0.66
Heat Shock Resistance 550 800 800 900
Volume Resistivity (20℃) Ω・cm >1014 >1014 >1014 >1014

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