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High temperature SSiC sintered silicon carbide crucibles

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High temperature SSiC sintered silicon carbide crucibles

High Temperature sintered silicon carbide crucibles up to 1,900 degrees Celsius (in a controlled atmosphere), and have good resistance to chemical erosions and thermal shock.

With its ability to accommodate temperatures as high as 1,650 C, significantly above the melting point of most alloys, it can be safely used without the risk of contaminating the molten metal. Our crucibles also offer superior mechanical strength at very high temperatures allowing them to be moved around safely for operations such as casting.

XICAR® Properties

  • Maximum temperature of 1650 °C  in air and up to 1,900 °C in a controlled atmosphere
  • Maximum length up to 3,000 mm with a maximum OD of 300 mm
  • XICAR® thermocouple protection tubes are for both direct as well as indirect temperature sensing in molten metal (e.g. furnace wall or roof) temperature reading with Type R or S elements in molten brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel or silicon metal
  • For temperature measurements in non-ferrous launders or pouring troughs
  • Better or equal quality than HEXOLOY SE tubes.



High Temperature Sintered Silicon Carbide Crucibles

Xicar data sheet

XICAR® datasheet
Temperature Max 1700 °C – 1800 °C
Density > 3.10 g/cm3
Open porosity 0%
Flexural/Bending strength 20°C 320-400 MPa
Flexural/Bending strength 1300°C 360-410 MPa
Tensile strength 1950-2600 MPa
Young’s Modulus 410 GPa
Thermal Conductivity 20°C 116 W/m.k.
Thermal Conductivity 1200°C 35 W/m.k.
Coeff. Thermal Expansion 4.0 K-1×10-6
Hardness HV1 kg/mm2 2350
Acid-proof Alkaline Excellent
Thermal Shock Resistance (delta T) 600 °C
Impact Fracture toughness 4.0 MPa m½

XICAR® corrosion resistance

XICAR®   High Corrosion Resistance Sintered SiC applications

Corrosive Medium

Temperature ˚C

Corrosion Rate (mg/cm2 years)

98% H₂SO₄



85% H3SO₄



54% HF



50% NaOH



45% KOH



70% HNO3



37% HCl



10% HF HNO3



• The only ceramic material resistant to hydrofluoric acid corrosion
• Resistant to high concentration of nitric acid, sulfuric acid, mixed acid, alkali, oxidant and organic chloric acid.

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